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Welcome to my website. I am an Iranian musician and artist and my main specialty is composing. I am known as Mr. Special Music.
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Majid Bahar was born on September 9, 1989 in Tehran. He specializes in designing and composing music. Another specialty of Majid Bahar is arranging music. Since 2013, his friends have dubbed him "Mr. Special Music" for his work. Majid is very smart and is very interested in his work. Many popular Iranian music and arrangements have been designed by him.
Majid Bahar currently resides in Turkey and lives in Istanbul
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Who really is Majid Bahar? Well, this young man was born in 1989 in Tehran, Iran, and from a very early age was bowled by the idea to do something that could help him stand apart from others even amidst much saturation and competition.
Majid Bahar “Don’t be afraid to try new things, you never know what a new experience will reveal or create”Along with social security, Majid’s marketing strategies and other imperatives too have made sure that his clients gather tremendous....
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Majid bahar is Digitalization has immersed almost all sectors today from across the world and has also compelled entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses to utilize and capitalize on its opportunities for them to walk in sync with the...
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This is my photo album, I'm happy if you look at it In this section, you can see some of my photos that you can get to know more about me
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